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Hello, world! 


    So WHAT IS TWENTY FIVE??? This is what everyone asked, yes, everyone. Just give me a few minutes, and you will know what and why! 

    25 stands for the 25 items on our menu. Yes, we have a short and sweet menu because I believe less is more. I want our team to concentrate our attention, energy, and time to do the best we can on every detail. We are here to provide the most memorable experience we can present to every single guest that comes to our house. 25 also symbolizes the vibe we want to bring to the community. I was 25 last year when I found Twenty Five. The energetic vibe of being 25, the passion for creating, the dedication to making a difference, the determination of not being willing to settle, and the belief in loving life and good in humans, are the vibe I want Twenty Five to pass on to everyone that walks through our door. Twenty Five is a place for everyone, the employees and the guests to find peace of mind and enjoy what they're doing. This is what Twenty Five is. 

    But why? For the past years, I spent my time in California, working in the tech and finance industry where I built a few fintech startups and not-for-profits. It is still surprising even to me that I am back in the restaurant industry now, as a chef and an operator. AND I'M LOVING IT! 

    I grew up in the restaurant industry. As a 1.5-generation immigrant from Fujian, China, I started to help my parents in their restaurants (Just like how Eddie from Fresh Off the Boat is). I worked in restaurants to support myself since I was 16 to put myself to college and fueled my first startup. The angel investors for the first company I built were customers of mine in the sushi restaurant I worked at during my freshman year in college. They remain as mentors and friends for life. Although I have a strong tie to the food and beverage industry, I used to hate working in restaurants. I was fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people who helped me and guided me along the way. But at the same time, there were countless people, especially bosses who had shown me what type of a person not to be. 

    During the pandemic time, I started to wonder what's the next challenge I want to take on, and what problem do I want to solve? What is the thing that is important enough to put my next 10 years into? I ended up investing in a restaurant in Texas, and that's what brought me here. The interaction between people reminded me how incredible it is to be able to be connected with one another! The moment when I decided to come back to the industry and open a restaurant was when I came to Texas to help manage the restaurant, I saw all the younger crowds that were working there, and it reminded me how I was back then. Adolescent time is the critical time when we shape our perspective towards society and the world. My managing style is entirely different from my partners who were almost my parent's age. And then I thought to myself, can I create a better working environment for these kids and many others out there? On top of this, can I build a system out of restaurants, and build a career path for them? Let's give it a try. 

    So I sat down at a table with my laptop on. I said to myself, I'm going to open a new restaurant, I'm going to build a system out of it from the ground up, and it is going to be different. So the name and the logo of 25 were born in less than 15 mins. It was 02/06/2021. 

    690 days later, the House of Twenty Five opened its door for the soft opening. This is my attempt to create a new wave, by throwing this little rock into the ocean. It was just me in the very beginning. And now, with Team 25, and all the guests who come to us with pouring love and support. 


    Hello, world! Please be my guest, and welcome to the House of Twenty Five


                                                                                                             - Bing                                                

                                                                                                               Founder, Chef &                               

                                                                                                               Chief Experience Officer of Team 25. 

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